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Yes, it is possible to give too much deworming medication to a feline based upon their weight. Depending on what type of medication will depend on what will happen. Most deworming.

  • Feb 06, 2009The medication was D-worm Liquid wormer. Ingredients: Piperazine ( Dipiperazine Sulfate). The amount I'm not sure of. I was worming all 4 of my cats at the same time and he.

  • Sep 23, 201214,012. Likes Received: 3,863. so my 6 week old kittens one was slightly smaller weighing 1.2kgs yesterday, had vet check all ok, then vet accidentally gave the same kitten 2.

  • Dec 02, 2021All vet offices have it in stock; you can even buy Filaribits at Costco, Walmarts and many drug stores if they don’t already carry the drops for your cat. They work just as well on.

Can You Overdose A Kitten On Dewormer

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